How Intellect Collect Works!

.01 - Upload Your Portfolio To Your Branded portal

With just a single click, you can effortlessly upload your portfolio to your exclusively branded client portal, and rest assured that we do not require any personal data within your portfolio, safeguarding both confidentiality and data integrity.

.02 - Your AI Assistant Is Ready!

Once your portfolio is loaded, your AI Collection Assistant is instantly trained on your data and is prepared to efficiently engage with your debtors, optimizing your debt collection efforts and ensure a compliant & productive interaction with your clients.

.03 - Automated SMS Text Messaging!

As an additional advantage exclusive to our Ultimate Plan, the platform will automatically send customized SMS text messages to customers for each account in your portfolio that includes a mobile number. These messages contain information on how to engage with your AI Assistant, enhancing the debtor interaction process.

.04 - Delpoy Your AI Assistant!

Once the AI Collection Assistant's design phase is complete, you'll get an integration code for quick website deployment. We offer thorough technical support, including step-by-step instructions and readily available assistance. Also, if you need a custom website, our design services can meet your specific needs.

benefits Of Intellect Collect

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